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Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to my virtual space on the interwebz, I think this is now my 5th blog, I have re-branded so many different times and thischick.codes is here to stay! Quick back story I bought my first domain thischick.com back in 2002 and owned it ever since, recently I have been wanting to be more involved with the dev community and thought well why not do a spin off of thischick.com and here we are 🙂

I am still trying to wrap my ahead around what topics to focus mostly on, any feedback is greatly appreciated. I plan on interviewing some fabulous people I have met in the community both online and offline and sharing with you their experiences in the tech world. I already have a good amount of topics that I would like to cover listed in my Trello board.

My main focus is to pass on the knowledge I have to those that want to learn. I got started a long time ago before WordPress ever evolved into what it is today, it’s kinda awesome being so dedicated to learning an application that I got to see its growth overtime. With that knowledge I had to learn PHP, then my 2nd tech job was a junior JavaScript developer and I learned so many valuable things during my time there, I am forever grateful.

Stay tuned for more posts, hit that sign up if you don’t want to miss any new posts 🙂


Li is a Front End Developer with expertise developing WordPress themes, she has been developing websites for 10 years. She is also interested in the #makerRevolution and the #ioT and a huge lover of Android
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