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Trip to California

I recently accepted a job offer as a Front End Developer with a company based in California who also recently opened an office in South Florida. They flew me out to California for my first week so that I could meet with my boss who is in Cali, and the other developers there; I will be the first developer in the Florida office.

My first day went well, I am doing mostly JavaScript, the work is almost similar to one of my previous jobs where I was a JavaScript Dev for an A/B testing company. As a Full Stack Developer (LAMP) it’s nice to be able to switch from back end to front end. One of the things that I enjoy so far is the different use cases I have to develop, makes it very interesting because each problem has a different solution, and a different way of approaching it. I work with some really smart people and that in itself is really inspiring.

I was super nervous about leaving my last job, I had so many different thoughts going through my head – am I making the right decision I thought. But at the end of the day if you really start to hate your current job you have 2 choices. You can either tough it out – which I have done in the past and it ain’t easy or you can find something better because you deserve it

This is my last day in California, it was lots of fun – I had a great time but it’s time to go back to Florida and see my family 🙂


Li is a Front End Developer with expertise developing WordPress themes, she has been developing websites for 10 years. She is also interested in the #makerRevolution and the #ioT and a huge lover of Android
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